Hosted Resources

Resources produced by Robert Collett and hosted on the

Capacity Building Network Map

This tool creates an actor network map from the project data on the Cybil Portal. Desktop only.

Resources for visualising UN votes

These are the tables, maps and network diagrams I use for visualising UN cyber diplomacy votes.

National Strategies Timeline

Charting when countries adopted a national cyber security strategy - the national and global perspective.

UN OEWG Transcripts

Unofficial transcripts of the Open-ended Working on the security of and in the use of ICTs.

Off-site Resources

Demo concepts produced by Robert Collett and hosted on other sites

Capacity Indicator Tracking

This tool used national cybersecurity strategies as an example of how an indicator of a key capacity (strategic planning) could be tracked at a global level and mapped against projects.

Global Projects Dashboard

This tool used the Cybil Portal database of projects to produce a dashboard of global capacity building with charts and maps. As Cybil grows it is incorporating some of these.

Other websites

Websites with resources aimed at cyber capacity builders and diplomats

Cybil Portal

A repository of cyber capacity building projects, resources and events.

Global Forum on Cyber Expertise

The website of the GFCE is useful for understanding its working group structure, and finding contacts and upcoming events.